For people with special needs, people who work with them, and especially for educators working with special needs students, community is important. The challenges that come with having a learning disability or other special need are difficult to face alone, and knowing other people who are going through something similar can provide a huge amount of relief and insight. That is what makes Twitter such an amazing platform for anyone with special needs, and those who live with them, work with them, and teach them. The special needs community on Twitter is already vibrant, with dozens to hundreds of accounts by people with:

  • ADD & ADHD
  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy

Anyone in the special needs community, from special education to coaches, therapists, and even parents of children with special needs, will find valuable information and someone to connect with on Twitter. The accounts in this collection cover many of the most common special needs. They are categorized and listed according to follower count, with a few minor exceptions.

General Special Needs & Education

A compassionate and diverse community exists online to support those with special needs, especially in educational contexts.

  1. @disabilitygov

    disabilitygov is the official site for getting more information on everything from disability policies to programs and useful services across the country aimed at helping disabled individuals. The site displays incredible depth on a number of issues and ensures individuals have all the material necessary to effective address disabilities.

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  2. @disabilityscoop


    Heralded for their depth on an impressive number of topics, Disability Scoop has built up a reputation for the latest when it comes to developmental disabilities. Tweets post an impressive amount of information on news, along with great commentary.

    Connect On Facebook TooDisability Scoop

  3. @ScottBaio


    Renowned actor Scott Baio uses his celebrity status to give back with his wife through their foundation, the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, which aids special needs children and helps to raise awareness of expanded newborn screening. The organization is able to bring increased awareness to the importance of comprehensive newborn screening upon birth.

    Connect On Facebook TooBailey Baio Angel Foundation

  4. @TheCoffeeKlatch


    The Coffee Klatch was started initially on Twitter and has expanded into a complex network of parents, moderators, and experts to collaborate on special needs. Their site is loaded with useful resources and often brings in various experts to discuss some of the most pressing issues concerning those with special needs today.

  5. @drmichaelhart


    Dr. Michael Hart has an expertise in learning problems and attention issues, which has helped inform him as to the most appropriate methods for properly helping individuals. He’s a member of the Decoding Dyslexia Chapter in Tennessee and focuses on helping individuals find suitable approaches for learning.

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  6. @ginabad


    Gina Badalaty is the mother of two disabled daughters and runs the incredible site, Mom Blog. She uses her site to motivate other parents with special needs children to have the insight to properly address issues these children may have.

    Connect On Facebook TooMom’s Blog

  7. @HandicapThis


    Handicap This! is a show that emphasizes inclusion and tolerance, while educating and entertaining. Their work is centered on cerebral palsy and creating the best advocacy programs for individuals with the condition.

    Connect On Facebook TooHandicap This!

  8. @Learning_Ally


    Learning Ally is a non-profit that operates nationally to assist students that are ailed by dyslexia and help to overcome this disorder. With a wealth of resources for parents, teachers, and schools, it’s a great way to find the most succinct way to address dyslexia.

    Connect On Facebook TooLearning Ally

  9. @letmelearn


    Let Me Learn is an award winning website that helps dyslexic and dyscalculic children find alternative ways to learn and overcome their condition. The site has been awarded for the impressive contributions they’ve provided to these children and have been able to increasingly make their services available.

    Connect On Facebook TooLet Me Learn

  10. @peelingbackthe


    Dawn Tasher runs Peeling Back the Layers, an organization deviated to getting to the core of health issues, namely autism, ADHD, various allergies, autoimmune disorders, and more. Her focus is to help individuals live more productive lives through diets that promote healthier living overall.

    Connect On Facebook TooPeeling Back the Onion Layers

  11. @Brain_Balance


    Brain Balance Center is a network of after-school learning centers that ensure children with disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger’s, and autism have access to the most important tools for thriving today. From news to input on how to address common setbacks, the site is thoroughly equipped to help children succeed.

    Connect On Facebook TooBrain Balance Center

  12. @ReadingHorizons


    Reading Horizons is designed to make reading more inviting to learn English by simplifying the language for beginners, those learning English as a second language, and present an innovative way to approach dealing with dyslexia. The site has a wealth of great information and the Twitter account is well-maintained.

    Connect On Facebook TooReading Horizons

  13. @BBRFoundation


    BBRFoundation has been around for decades and has been an integral part to funding mental health in various capacities through research of depression, anxiety, autism, schizophrenia, and more.

    Connect On Facebook TooBrain and Behavior Research Foundation

  14. @SussmanHolistic


    Holistic Expert Fran Sussman takes an innovative approach to some of the most contemporary issues, such as weight loss, aging, ADHD, autism, and even hormonal balances. By emphasizing a holistic approach, she’s able to address these problems in a way that stresses self-improvement instead of merely medication.

    Connect On Facebook TooFran Sussman

  15. @abilitycatcher


    Ability Catcher is run by the mother of a daughter with cerebral palsy and details what it was like to lose her father unexpectedly, while also raising a child. As a former creative marketing professional in the technology sector, she shifted gears to focus on ability advocacy and realized the impact her stories had on others, which is how the idea for the site came about.

    Connect On Facebook TooAbilityCatcher

  16. @seng_gifted


    Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted does a fascinating job at developing materials to help families meet the unique needs of gifted individuals, who can often feel isolated or misunderstood. Through a nurturing environment, they’ve been able to assist families of gifted individuals and promote the furthering of their growth.

    Connect On Facebook TooSupporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

  17. @greggberatan


    Gregg Beratan is a researcher and activist focused on disability rights, as well as race equality and innovative education techniques. As an active voice in the disability community, he’s been essential to articulating the issues still faced by individuals throughout the field.

  18. @g3ict


    The Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies advocates on behalf of disabled individuals to promote inclusion in the digital community. Launched in 2006, they’ve been incredibly successful at promoting disabled individuals in the contemporary digital landscape.

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  19. @stephanimcgirr


    Stephani McGurr runs, a site focused on developing lasting dietary solutions for individuals with ADHD and autism. She understands how dietary choices can ultimately impact the severity of these conditions and does a great job at helping others reduce the symptoms.

    Connect On Facebook TooNourishing Journey

  20. @DDA604


    The Developmental Disabilities Association is a non-profit that has an intent focus on helping individuals with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, among other special needs. Their work has been crucial to individuals in the Canadian province of British Columbia and emphasizes a sense of community and inclusion.

    Connect On Facebook TooDevelopmental Disabilities Association (DDA)

  21. @DrSelz


    Dr. Richard Selznick is a child psychologist and author who specializes in dyslexia and ADHD. In his role as Director of Cooper Learning Center, he’s been able to develop a thorough curriculum for assisting children.

    Connect On Facebook TooDr. Richard Selznick (“Dr. Selz”)

  22. @tap2talk


    Tap To Talk is a communication app designed help children with Down syndrome, as well as many other disabilities, communicate with their parents and other individuals. With highly customizable features, it’s sure to be useful for anyone looking for ways to connect with their child.

    Connect On Facebook TooapToTalk

  23. @SpecialNeedsMag


    Special Needs is an online magazine specializing in developing and providing resources to families who have children with special needs. With an array of expert contributors on every aspect of raising a special needs child, they’re one of the foremost sources for parents looking for guidance.

  24. @advancecentres


    Advance Centres is an organization that focuses on helping parents of children with cerebral palsy, autism, and many other conditions to get the help needed to effectively support a child. Their work is incredibly thorough and emphasizes how crucial restorative science can be for children.

  25. @k_5remediation


    Liz Ditz is a dyslexia consultant for kindergarten through fifth graders in San Mateo County, California. The work she’s done has been absolutely crucial in the facilitation of stronger reading skills in children in the area.

  26. @SpecialNeedsK


    Special Needs Kids is based in the United Kingdom and is one of the largest shopping resources for parents of children with special needs, while also being a provider of pertinent information related to raising a child. The site details some of the best information for finding integral events, fun activities, furniture, and more.

  27. @zeroprojectorg


    The Essl Foundation started Zero Project to help reduce barriers in place for individuals with disabilities and help them improve their daily life. Each year they focus on a new goal, with 2014’s being accessibility.

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Autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger’s syndrome, include a wide range of learning and social difficulties in their symptoms. Many people on Twitter share their own stories of coping with autism, or discuss the spectrum from a broader perspective.


  1. @Kevin_Healey


    Autism Ambassador Kevin Healey is an important figure in autism awareness and does an exceptional job campaigning for the most important issues of today. Additionally, he’s been awarded the Queen’s Award for charity, due to his contributions.

    Connect On Facebook TooKevin Healey

  2. @AutismTips


    Autism Tips is the official Twitter account for Thriving with Autism, a site devoted to presenting the best information to excel at raising a child with autism. The site helps foster a community that is connected through newsletters, products, behavioral information, and much more.

  3. @theautismnews


    The Autism News has the latest headlines related to autism today and what the biggest issues are. The Twitter feed presents an engaging bank of news articles, along with introspection and commentary.

    Connect On Facebook TooThe Autism News

  4. @AutismSociety


    The Autism Society is a leading organization for improving the lives of those with autism. They’ve been around since 1965 and display impressive prowess with their aid, including a national conference that counts over 2000 attendees.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Society

  5. @Autism_Women


    The Autism Women’s Network is a community for autistic women of all ages to come together and discuss the issues they’re facing or have faced in a secure environment that isn’t judgmental. Through fostering a stable place for these women to congregate virtually, it’s helped increase the confidence among those involved.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Women’s Network

  6. @earlyautism


    Early Autism gives parents all the best information to identify, better understand, and ultimately support a child with autism. Their site has all the best information to help identify the early signs of autism and best treat it.

    Connect On Facebook TooEarly Signs of Autism

  7. @NationalAutism


    The National Autism Association is a highly regarded voice in the autism community, helping incorporate some leading education and advocacy methods into the work they do to help families and individuals alike lead happier, more productive lives. As an organization intently focused on meeting the most urgent needs of autistic individuals, they’re regarded as a paragon in autism advocacy.

    Connect On Facebook TooNational Autism Association

  8. @autism_research


    Autism Research is the official Twitter feed of Autistic a place where parents can come for articles, research stories, and the latest autism-related news. They pride themselves on getting straight to the facts and not focusing on the overwrought hype typically associated with autism news.

  9. @AutismClassroom


    Autism is a top-notch resource for professionals working with autistic children and looking for the best ways to connect and stimulate them effectively. They’ve also developed a thorough Pinterest account catered toward autism teachers.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Classroom

  10. @AgeofAutism


    Age of Autism is a daily online newspaper that details the unique circumstances surrounding Autism and often discusses the ways to properly go about aiding those with autism spectrum disorder. Tweets often discuss various aspects related to autism and what can be done to assist families living with individuals who have it.

  11. @talkaboutautism


    Mike is the Community Manager for Talk about Autism, a UK-based organization that helps foster an online community centered on discussing autism today and how to address various topics related to it. The site is very inclusive, making it easy for parents, caregivers, family members, professionals, and even people on the spectrum to use.

    Connect On Facebook TooTalk About Autism

  12. @Autism_Today


    Autism Today has autism news from some of the leading experts of today, along with advice for parents and other individuals impacted by autism. They tweet input on how to identify symptoms of autism, along with much more comprehensive information.

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  13. @autismcenter


    The Autism Center helps parents and caregivers have access to quality information relating to autism, Asperger’s, and PDD. Their tweets show their passion for advocacy, along with how they promote education related to autism.

  14. @giftsofautism


    Lori Shayew runs The Gifts of Autism, a site focused on giving parents and professionals all the resources to be adept at meeting the needs of autistic children. With over 20 years of experience working with children on the autism spectrum, she has the experience, as well as the ability to properly articulate issues, to help those with it.

    Connect On Facebook TooThe Gifts of Autism

  15. @AutismUnited


    Lauded for their incredible display of autism resources, Autism United has great information for identifying early signs, good tips for parents, along with mild autism tendencies, and more. The site’s bank of articles and a great blog make it very useful as well.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism United

  16. @AweInAutism


    Awe in Autism emphasizes creativity, while helping cultivate support and inspiration for those with autism. Parents can utilize the website as a great forum for voicing concerns, while also garnering support from others in similar circumstances.

    Connect On Facebook TooAwe in Autism

  17. @healingautism


    Healing Autism provides daily updates on how to overcome autism and related conditions. Since their launch in 2006, they’ve built significant renown in terms of the latest news, support services information, and good advice.

    Connect On Facebook TooHealing Thresholds

  18. @AutismSpeaksDC


    Autism Speaks DC is one of the leading organizations in the DC area for bringing awareness to autism spectrum disorder and promoting effective treatment. They often use their Twitter account to detail upcoming events and ways to get involved in the community.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Speaks DC

  19. @DefeatAutismNow


    Defeat Autism spreads the awareness of autism through biomedical treatments and is a part of the Autism Research Institute. Established in 1967, the organization has helped pioneer innovative research related to finding the cause of autism and the best way to address it today.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Research Institute

  20. @icare4autism


    I Care 4 Autism is run by the International Center for Autism and they work to research the cause of autism, while also advocating for those with autism. The organization helps to instill hope in families who may feel lost or distraught in the face of this diagnosis.

    Connect On Facebook TooInternational Center for Autism Research and Education

  21. @ResearchAutism


    Research Autism is a notable figure in the United Kingdom regarding autism research into finding successful interventions, research, diagnosis, and much more. They’ve developed the expertise to have the best approach to dealing with some of the largest contemporary problems of today.

    Connect On Facebook TooResearch Autism

  22. @Glenwood_Autism


    Glenwood Autism Center is one of the leading facilities in Alabama for the professional treatment of autism, specializing in health and behavioral care, as well as educational services. As a nationally recognized provider of some of the best educational and therapeutic services for individuals with special needs, they’ve long been regarded for their work.

    Connect On Facebook TooGlenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center

  23. @AutismDelaware


    Autism Delaware is an integrative source for families looking to address various stresses and joys associated with autism. Since their inception in 1998, they’ve helped an impressive number of families to find the support and the community needed to get the education and advocacy tools relevant to autism.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Delaware

  24. @Autism_Awarenes


    Autism Awareness is designed for parents, educators, and friends alike to get the most contemporary information on understanding autism and approaching the unique circumstances it presents.

  25. @SKIP_autism


    SKIP Program Autism helps at-risk youth, along with children with disabilities, as well as underprivileged children in specific counties in Pennsylvania. While working to increase the capacities of their programs, the work they’ve done locally to help children in need of guidance is tremendous.

  26. @AutismsEdges


    Autism Edges is run by a mother of a daughter on the “edge” of the autism spectrum and it details the interesting day-to-day events they face. She gives incredible perspective to what it’s like raising a daughter with autism in the 21st century.

  27. @brightnotbroken


    Diane & Rebecca run Bright Not Broken, a radio program that emphasizes how autistic individuals can utilize their difference and how to understand the best approach for helping gifted children with ADHD or autism.

  28. @AutismTree


    The Autism Tree Project is based in San Diego and does an incredibly job helping families with autistic children to have the resources to adeptly address problems related to autism. The organization has been around since 2003 and has only grown by leaps and bounds to help families.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Tree Project

  29. @CarolinaAutism


    Carolina Autism intently serves children in South Carolina through integrative services and resources for helping them live successful, productive lives. It was founded in 1984 and has seen tremendous response in the ensuing decades.

  30. @artautism


    The Art of #Autism is run by Debra Hosseini and is a collaborative project that works to bring awareness to the public concerning those with autism and their creative capacities. Since autistic individuals often are artistically inclined, the site makes a great outlet for some of their work and provides inspiration to countless others concerning autism and art.

    Connect On Facebook TooThe Art of Autism

  31. @toddfugere


    Autism Blogger is an online autism support group based out of Minnesota that brings together families, friends, and supporters of those with autism by providing useful events and resources for furthering an understanding of the condition. The site also has engaging news, videos, and much more.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Blogger

  32. @AutismHWY


    Autism HWY was created out of a stronger need for awareness and advocacy related to individuals with autism. The colorful website is loaded with games, articles, an engaging forum, and much more, all designed to complement the great Twitter feed.

    Connect On Facebook TooAutism Hwy

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Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects around six million people globally, and can cause great social and educational difficulties. People coping with the disorder, and those working with them, have taken to Twitter to share their experiences.


  1. @debraruh


    Debra Ruh’s daughter was born with Down syndrome and created Ruh Global to show others just how capable individuals with Down syndrome could be. The organization has been integral to helping individuals with disabilities find worthwhile employment opportunities.

    Connect On Facebook TooRuh Global

  2. @ReecesRainbow


    Reece’s Rainbow is an incredible organization that works to find families for orphans with Down syndrome to give them access to the life they deserve. Started in 2004, the organization has grown significantly to increasingly find accommodations for these children.

    Connect On Facebook TooReece’s Rainbow

  3. @DSAInfo


    Down Syndrome Association is a London-based organization that is adept at helping individuals with Down syndrome, as well as their families, to be most successful at mastering the condition and flourishing.

    Connect On Facebook TooDown Syndrome Association

  4. @Downsyndromecen


    Down Syndrome Centre is a Dublin-based charity that helps to educate and support parents on the options available to care for a child with Down syndrome. The centre handles an impressive amount of responsibility in their facilitation of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and much more.

    Connect On Facebook TooDown Syndrome Centre

  5. @CdnDownSyndrome


    The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has been a huge part in assisting families in Canada who have a child with Down Syndrome, at any stage in the lives. The site emphasizes a great bank of resources, while also having useful material for new parents as well.

    Connect On Facebook TooCanadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS)

  6. @NDSC


    The National Down Syndrome Congress is an advocacy and support group based in Atlanta that is generally regarded as the oldest and largest organization of its kind in the country. Their tact at addressing issues is only equal to the wealth of content on the site for supporting individuals and families.

    Connect On Facebook TooNational Down Syndrome Congress

  7. @DSAGC


    The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati is a leading voice in the Cincinnati area for helping families get the support needed to help their children with Down syndrome. Established in 1981, they’ve done a great job at developing programs and providing integral resources.

    Connect On Facebook TooDown Syndrome Association

  8. @DSGOzarks


    The Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks has an intent focus to help those in southwest Missouri with Down Syndrome. They form a support network in Southwest Missouri and have increased their reach substantially since initial formation in 2006.

    Connect On Facebook TooDown Syndrome Group of the Ozarks

  9. @DSScotland


    DS Scotland does exceptional work to help individuals with Down’s Syndrome to overcome obstacles and lead the most productive life possible. They’ve developed extensive support tools that include assistance from care to job placement.

  10. @IDSCTweets


    The International Down Syndrome Coalition is a leading figure concerning disabled individuals and helps support parents who have children with Down syndrome, advocate for these individuals, and connect them to the resources needed to live productive lives. Tweets touch on Down syndrome awareness and provide useful guides to living with it.

    Connect On Facebook TooThe International Down Syndrome Coalition

  11. @DownSyndromeBV


    The Down Syndrome Association of Brazos Valley advocates for individuals with Down syndrome in College Station, Texas and the area surrounding it. By helping foster a more positive perception of Down syndrome locally, they’re working towards a goal of further statewide acceptance as well.

  12. @dseint


    Down Syndrome Education International is an organization intently focused on helping children with Down syndrome to have the resources available to aptly succeed in the modern day education system. Their evidence-based approach ensures that all individuals have access to reliable information on intervention techniques and education.

    Connect On Facebook TooDown Syndrome Education International

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Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can have extremely mild symptoms, or severe ones, but no matter the degree of affliction it can be difficult to deal with for parents, educators, and of course anyone who actually has CP.


  1. @giannajessen


    Gianna Jessen champions her life, not as a victim, but instead as an individual empowered by the obstacles she’s overcome in her life, namely cerebral palsy. She does an incredibly job at illustrating how hard work ultimately pays off for anyone and uses her Twitter feed to often advocate for pro-life causes.

    Connect On Facebook TooGianna Jessen

  2. @Reach4Stars


    Reaching for the Stars is regarded as the largest Cerebral Palsy nonprofit foundation in the country and is even led by parents. They cover cerebral palsy in a fairly comprehensive manner, looking at prevention, treatment, and the cure of it.

    Connect On Facebook TooReaching for the Stars

  3. @CPInfo


    Cerebral Palsy Info works valiantly to further the general public’s perception of the condition through education on the causes and treatments of it. Tweets have proven to supplement the website with incredible depth through the latest news updates and more.

    Connect On Facebook TooCerebral Palsy Information

  4. @cpfamilies


    CP Family Network is a community of families whose children have been impacted by medical errors and birth injuries, which have resulted in cerebral palsy. The site is loaded with great news, advice, and support from other families.

    Connect On Facebook TooCP Family Network

  5. @CPAlberta


    The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta advocates on behalf of individuals with cerebral palsy and helps connect them with the services and aid to adequately live their lives. The non-profit organization does an impressive job through their comprehensive programs, services, and collaborations with others.

    Connect On Facebook TooCerebral Palsy Association in Alberta

  6. @UCPBirmingham


    The United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham aids children and adults with cerebral palsy in the Birmingham, Alabama area. With a wealth of accolades and accreditations, the organization has been heralded for their commitment to excellence in their community.

    Connect On Facebook TooUnited Cerebral Palsy of Greater Birmingham

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Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder cause difficulty in concentration which can impair learning and make life difficult for people of any age. These disorders have gained the spotlight in recent years, and many people on Twitter offer their opinions, advice, and anecdotes about dealing with ADD and ADHD


  1. @3stepsadd


    Jon Bennett runs and has published a number of materials relating to ADHD and the most natural way to approach helping others. His tweets often portray the issues faced by ADD/ADHD parents in a light that is hopeful and manageable.

    Connect On Facebook TooADHD-ADD Help Site

  2. @ADDitudeMag


    ADDitudeMag gives families all the best resources for handling ADD and ADHD. With an impressive variety of content on parenting, treatment, symptoms, and more, the site has infinite uses.

    Connect On Facebook TooADDitude



    CHADD is a non-profit organization specializing in helping individuals with ADHD to live productive lives that are not hindered by ADHD. The site has an online toolkit, an engaging magazine, and even a regularly updated newsletter to keep parents and caregivers at the forefront of these developments.

    Connect On Facebook TooCHADD



    ADHD Aware provides a wealth of material for increasing advocacy and education of ADHD individuals, while also helping better inform the public about the serious implications of it. They do important work to break down stereotypes and put individuals in touch with the latest treatment.

    Connect On Facebook TooADHD Aware

  5. @petequily


    Pete Quily is a renowned Adult ADHD coach, as well as blogger, who does a great job at presenting some of the best approaches for dealing with ADD today. As a blogger at, he’s developed a significant amount of useful posts for those looking for guidance.

    Connect On Facebook TooAdult ADD Strengths

  6. @drhallowell


    New York Times best-selling author Dr. Hallowell is an ADHD expert that has created an impressive website detailing the most comprehensive approaches to addressing ADHD and ADD. His renown on the subject is more than apparent and he’s been featured on a number of media outlets discussing how to avoid distraction.

    Connect On Facebook TooDr. Hallowell

  7. @LaurieDupar


    Laurie Dupar is well-versed in the best approaches for assisting those with ADHD and uses her experience to speak at events, author books, and coach individuals. Her site, gives great tips for helping those with ADHD in the most effective manner.

    Connect On Facebook TooLaurie Dupar Coaching for ADHD

  8. @CoachNancySnell


    As a Certified Professional Coach, Nancy Snell has been a crucial element to helping individuals with Adult ADHD learn how to better cope with the condition to flourish professionally. She does a great job reframing time management, along with increased productivity.

    Connect On Facebook TooNancy Snell, CPC, PCC

  9. @JSinfield


    Jacqueline Sinfield is an ADHD coach and author who has worked formerly as a nurse, using that experience to impart valuable perspective into the profession. Her site also has a useful blog and she appears on APMG Radio to often discuss ADHD.

    Connect On Facebook TooADHD Coach for Adults

  10. @ADDmoms


    Brenda Nicholson runs ADDmoms, a site focused on addressing issues mothers with ADD or ADHD have when working to raise a family. She works as an ADHD coach and consultant, while providing support on

    Connect On Facebook TooADD Moms

  11. @adultadhd


    The Attention Deficit Disorder Association leads the way in information, resources, and even networking for professionals with ADHD to advance their careers through. As an international non-profit, they’re well-equipped to facilitate wonderful events for promoting careers for individuals with ADHD.

    Connect On Facebook TooADDA

  12. @frankcoppola514


    Frank Coppola is an ADD Ontologial Coach and helps individuals with ADD to utilize this difference in an exciting way that frames it as an asset instead of an imposing factor on one’s life. His website, has done a fascinating job at showing how ADD can be tapped into in very exciting ways.

  13. @insideADHD_org


    insideADHD_org works to assist parents of children with ADHD, adult with ADHD, and give great content to school counselors that work with ADHD students. They’ve built an impressive display of information relating to ADHD, treatment, and how to live a productive life.

    Connect On Facebook TooInside ADHD

  14. @MichaelLaraMD


    Dr. Michael Lara is a private practice physician near San Francisco with a specialization in treating ADHD, memory disorders, and mood disorder. His holistic approach emphasizes diet, exercise, and medication to find a more balanced solution than commonly sought.

    Connect On Facebook TooMichael Lara, MD

  15. @LindaFox


    Linda Fox/ADHD Coach is a renowned expert for helping adults with ADHD to maximize their potential and tap into the different aspects of stress reduction, while also working on how to focus better. She has incredibly interesting advice that is very useful for advancing a career professionally.

    Connect On Facebook TooLinda Fox/ADHD Coach

  16. @FastCoach


    Carroll K. Schuller runs Organic Blueprints, an organization devoted to assisting those who have ADHD and want to be more effective in their career, life, or business. From working with executives to helping young adults find the guidance they need for long term success, Carroll Schuller has been an integral part of supporting those with ADHD.

  17. @AttendADHD


    Carol Gayle runs ADD-ADHD Help Center, a site that has an array of useful content designed from the ground-up to address the most pertinent issues these individuals face. The posts go in depth on useful alternative drugs that minimize side effects compared to more commonly prescribed medicine.

  18. @adhdmomma


    A Mom’s View of ADHD gives incredible insight into how a mother views raising a child with ADHD and what it means for a family overall. The Twitter account posts the different information shared by other parents and gives great detail on how to work with their children most effectively.

    Connect On Facebook TooA Mom’s View of ADHD

  19. @momswithadd


    Moms With ADD/ADHD explicates how women with ADHD or ADD can live healthy, productive lives, while parenting children successfully. Her site displays incredible depth at addressing issues in a tactful way that is very encouraging.

    Connect On Facebook TooMoms With ADD/ADHD

  20. @CentreforADHD


    The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada is a non-profit organization emphasizing advocacy and education for individuals impacted by ADHD. Their breadth of resources is almost unparalleled and helps put parents in touch with some of the best guidance for ADHD children.

  21. @ADDCA


    The ADD Coach Academy has some of the most thorough training in the world to equip those working with individuals with ADD to figure out the best approach for living their lives. They post great information on what it means to be an ADD coach and why it’s such a valuable profession.

    Connect On Facebook TooADD Coach Academy

  22. @adders_org

    adders_org is an international non-profit specializing in helping individuals with ADD and ADHD. They work to promote and bring further awareness to the issues faced by individuals with these conditions globally.

    Connect On Facebook ADD/ADHD Online Information

  23. @SplinteredMind


    Douglas Cootey takes a humorous approach to ADHD and depression when talking about these subjects that are often framed in a light that doesn’t really benefit individuals with these conditions. The wide-ranging accolades his blog has received only epitomize how effective he’s been at helping others.

    Connect On Facebook TooA Splintered Mind

  24. @Coach_Robert


    Coach Robert Simmons is a Professional Coach for adults with ADHD and uses his wealth of experience to help them overcome the most difficult aspects of their life and succeed professionally. His coaching skills have proven imperative to professionals with ADHD looking for the next step to succeed.

  25. @CathyJantzen


    Cathy Jantzen helps individuals with ADHD through her site, ADHDventures. It’s a great site for getting valuable input on what it’s like to live with ADHD and how to capitalize on the unique circumstances surrounding it.

  26. @LiveADHDFree


    Carol Cignoux is an ADD and ADHD coach based in Boston who blogs, speaks, and tweets on matters concerning living with ADHD and assisting those with ADHD. Her site, outlines seminars she leads, while also detailing useful eBooks and resources to make living with ADHD easier.

    Connect On Facebook TooLive ADHD Free

  27. @dryannickpauli


    Brain Potential Program Creator Yannick Pauli has made tremendous contributions to those with ADHD through his work as Chief Mentor at ADHD Wellness Expert. Mr. Pauli specializes in the most natural management of ADHD, stressing a holistic approach instead of one focused on medication.

  28. @Support4ADHD


    Judith Champion runs ADHD Associates and has over 15 years of experience helping individuals with ADHD. She’s regarded as an esteemed expert in the field of ADHD support and her site only further emphasizes this.

    Connect On Facebook TooADHD Associates

  29. @lifeoutoffocus


    Elisabeth Richardson uses her Twitter account to convey the best advice on how to thrive as a woman in a large city, both personally and professionally. Her posts analyze the unique circumstances that often face individuals with ADHD and make a vital read for any professional woman with ADHD.

  30. @leahylearning


    Leahy Learning provides comprehensive services that focus on enhancing curriculums and strengthening a student’s ability to learn, specifically for those with ADHD. They help advocate on behalf of students through counseling, coaching, and tutoring.

    Connect On Facebook TooLeahy Learning

  31. @ADHD_Coach_Lynn


    Lynne Edris is an ADHD coach who runs Coaching ADDvantages, a site specializing in aiding individuals with ADHD to optimize the strengths and other unique characteristics associated with ADHD. As someone who has ADHD, she’s able to provide firsthand insight as to what it’s like living with ADHD.

    Connect On Facebook TooCoaching ADDvantages

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Dyslexia involves the inability of a person’s brain to visually recognize and process certain symbols, which makes reading and comprehension exceedingly difficult.


  1. @dyslexiaaction


    Dyslexia Action is a national charity that works to improve the lives of those with dyslexia and literacy problems. They’re a leading voice in the United Kingdom and have supplementary tools in addition to heralded services and support.

    Connect On Facebook TooDyslexia Action

  2. @BDAdyslexia


    The British Dyslexia Association helps the 10% of the population in the United Kingdom that has dyslexia and gives them a multitude of resources for addressing and working to overcome it. Tweets publish breaking news, along with useful facts, and much more.

    Connect On Facebook TooThe British Dyslexia Association

  3. @ReadingDyslexia


    Reading Dyslexia is run by Diane L. Duff and she’s very engaged with other individuals on Twitter as they advocate for different approaches to learning to read. Reading Dyslexia has been a crucial turning point in helping children learn to read and overcome the struggles associated with the disorder.

    Connect On Facebook TooReading Dyslexia

  4. @DyslexiaFound


    The Dyslexia Foundation is regarded as the leading dyslexia charity in England and the site boasts an impressive news section, while also showcasing a great education section. Their videos make for great material to pick through as well.

  5. @PowerDyslexia


    Power of Dyslexia focuses on the positive attributes associated with dyslexia and what individuals can do to optimize living with it, namely being a visual thinker. They also work to correct the misrepresentation of individuals with dyslexia and teach those with it how to overcome it.

  6. @diaohio


    Dyslexia Institutes is an Ohio-based organization specializing in promoting dyslexia, while also being crucial to the diagnosis of individuals with the condition. Their Twitter feed is loaded with useful information on how they’re helping solidify local communities.

    Connect On Facebook TooDyslexia Institutes of America

  7. @cobida


    The Central Ohio Branch of International Dyslexia Association is a non-profit that was created to better educate the public on issues concerning dyslexia, specifically in central and southeastern Ohio, as well as parts of West Virginia and Kentucky. Their awareness initiatives have been incredibly successful and they also help improve the flow of research-based knowledge to viable outlets.

    Connect On Facebook TooCOBIDA Ohio Dyslexia

  8. @drseide


    Fernette Eide works out of Seattle and is the co-founder of Dyslexic Advantage. She works to study various aspects of dyslexia and what can be done to better conditions for individuals with it.

    Connect On Facebook TooThe Dyslexic Advantage & Mislabeled Child

  9. @DyslexiaInfoDay


    Dyslexia Info Day helps provide a one-stop destination to get a thorough understanding on what it’s like to live with dyslexia, along with how individuals with the condition can better adjust to the unique implications of the condition.

    Connect On Facebook TooDyslexia Information Day

  10. @DislecksiaMovie


    Dislecksia The Movie is the award-winning film about what it’s like to live with dyslexia and emphasizes the unique circumstances often surrounding the learning differences associated with it. Their Twitter account puts users in touch with some high quality resources related to dyslexia and other learning differences.

    Connect On Facebook TooDislecksia The Movie

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    Other Topics

    There are varying degrees and combinations of learning disabilities, social disorders, and other special needs. Finding a community of others who experience the same or similar issues can be an excellent way to learn about these special needs and find ways to live happy and fulfilling lives anyway.


  1. @dreammakersyf


    Dream Makers is a non-profit organization that helps administer educational and recreational services for children with special needs, specifically in the Greater Atlanta area. Their work has been integral to helping children get access to the opportunities ultimately needed to succeed.

    Connect On Facebook TooDream Makers Youth Foundation

  2. @disabilitycon


    Disability Connect has some of the best tools for disabled individuals to search for jobs and locate employers that are more inclined to hiring them. It has great resources for those looking for employment to post their resume and find a great list of prospective employers.

  3. @TOF4Orphan


    The Orphan Foundation works to provide grants to families of low and middle class incomes who adopt or foster children with special needs. Since its inception in 2006, they’ve helped an impressive number of special needs children get placed into loving home and ensure that families in need are able to aptly provide for them.

  4. @tes_sen


    Tes Special Needs has all of the best teaching resources, along with lesson plans, worksheets, and more for teachers to effectively work with special needs children. They’re active on Pinterest as well, which makes it very accessible to teachers active on that.

  5. @LDOnline


    LD Online serves an impressive number of individuals, with number of over 200,000 per month, and champions innovation related to learning disabilities and ADHD. The information on the site has introductory information, while also delving into complex issues often.

    Connect On Facebook TooLD Online

  6. @jenlaviano


    As a special education attorney, Jen Laviano has been integral to advocating for special needs individuals. She’s used her experience as an attorney to start a website loaded with videos called Additionally, she is a blogger at

  7. @yourpsychology


    YourPsychology is a UK-based psychologist focused on autism, challenging behavior, dyslexia, and especially personal development. He often tweets useful articles that display his passion for these subjects and gives interesting insight.

    Connect On Facebook TooYour Psychology from Dr. Gary Lavan

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