Curriculum and Instruction

All students are entitled to an education, regardless of personal circumstance or otherwise. This tasks educators with the unique goal of figuring out ways to adapt teaching models to accommodate all or create custom-tailored solutions for certain individuals. Teaching special needs children often requires more specialized programs in the classroom, which is why such a demand exists for those with a background in curriculum and instruction today. This job helps children who may need different teaching approaches to learn and for teachers to be successful. Below is an outline of what it’s like to specialize in curriculum development and instruction.

Job Overview

With an extensive background in curriculum development and instruction, one will be able to pursue jobs that work with special needs teachers to develop useful approaches for students. Jobs in this area will often enable individuals to effect significant change on not just a school population, but a community overall. Your job may be to work with students to gauge what learning methods they’re most responsive to and then collaborate with teachers to make sure this curriculum is adhered to. Creating thorough action plans will be a large part of the job and being receptive to input from other members in the department will make success more of a reality. Helping special needs children find success at a young age will position to succeed as they become young adults and continue learning before ultimately going to college or entering the workforce.

Possible Jobs Include:

  • Special Education Curriculum Specialist
  • Curriculum Adaptation Specialist
  • Curriculum Development Administrator

Degree and Career Information

Determining exactly what specialization you want while pursuing a PhD can be an arduous task. Since various specificities can open the door to differing job opportunities, it’s important to understand what can come from each. While working toward a PhD in special education with an emphasis on curriculum development and instruction, it’s important to do extensive research regarding how various special needs students learn. This helps inform teachers on the best approaches which ensure the long-term success of children. During studies, it’s recommended to do a significant amount of work to better understand unconventional learning methods. For example, children with autism are often more gifted than an average student, but are in need of teachers who can approach subjects from innovative angles in order to retain more. By being educated on learning approaches, those with a background in curriculum development and instruction can more aptly facilitate the approach needed to ensure the success of such a student.

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