The term “autism spectrum disorder” (ASD) covers a broad range of complicated conditions that typically include difficulty with communication and socialization, learning and developmental deficits, and obsession with a narrow range of subjects. Asperger’s Syndrome, named after Hans Asperger, who originally studied and cataloged the symptoms of the syndrome in 1944, used to be considered a separate but related condition, and was recently removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V) and is now diagnosed as a particular range on the autism spectrum. Rett’s Syndrome, while etiologically unrelated, is often confused for an autism spectrum disorder, and the two are sometimes discussed in the same forums.

The complexity and shifting definitions of the term autism spectrum disorder and other related conditions makes this an important subject for anyone working with students or clients with these diagnoses. These sites are broadly categorized in no set order, and they offer information, from scientific data to personal anecdotes, that makes it easier to understand autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, and other relevant disorders.

Autism Spectrum News & Info

The complex combinations of symptoms that can be diagnosed as autism spectrum disorder, along with the shifting definition and perception of the condition, makes it important to keep up with current news and info being published by knowledgeable professionals on all things related to ASD.

  1. Autism Research Institute


    Autism Research is an incredible site from the Autism Research Institute and it helps look at many different aspects to Autism. From webinars and research to advocacy initiatives and symptoms, the site is very thorough.

    Further InsightIs It Autism?

  2. Tony Attwood


    Tony Attwood has a PhD in Psychology from the University of London and has written several publications on Asperger’s Syndrome. Tony’s extensive background makes him one of the foremost sources on Autism and Aspergers.

    Further InsightGirls and Women Who Have Asperger’s Syndrome

  3. Autism Spectrum News


    One of the most notable publications in the field, Autism Spectrum News provides in-depth tools for better understanding of Autism and ample updates on events and back issues.

    Further InsightCommunity Events

  4. My Autism Team


    My Autism Team is a social network focused intently on connecting parents who have a child with Autism. It’s a great way to get in touch with others facing the same situations concerning Autism and enables parents to establish a support group.

    Further InsightQ+A

  5. I Speak of Dreams


    I Speak of Dreams is a site that looks at how to implement effective parenting techniques when raising a child with special needs, particularly autism and the challenges associated with it.

    Further InsightAutism, Inclusion, Social Justice: A Parochial School Doesn’t Measure Up

  6. Prosper with Aspergers


    Prosper With Aspergers focuses on how those with Aspergers can live fantastically productive lives. Each blog entry focuses on another facet of managing Aspergers and continuously paints a more comprehensive picture.

    Further InsightAspergers in Adults

  7. Wrong Planet


    Wrong Planet focuses on further establishing itself as a great online community for individuals with Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, PDD’s, and other neurological differences. The site also goes in-depth to discuss common issues those with Autism or Aspergers may face.

    Further InsightHow to Deal with Classrooms and Autism

  8. Fickle Feline


    Fickle Feline is the story of a mother of two whose son Max has autism. She uses the blog to advocate for different autism causes, as well as chronicle the particular obstacles she and her family face. The site is incredibly useful for those who want some perspective from a parent.

    Further InsightMy Son Has Autism

  9. Inside the Mind of an Aspie


    Inside the Mind of an Aspie provides great perspective of someone with Asperger’s Syndrome and details their day-to-day life on various happenings. The particular scope of the blog makes it worthwhile to not only those with Aspergers, but anyone who knows someone with Aspergers and wishes to gain more insight into the matter.

    Further InsightAn Aspie and a Funeral

  10. Dude, I’m an Aspie


    Dude, I’m an Aspie provides firsthand experience on living with Asperger’s Syndrome and conveys useful information that helps others understand those with Aspergers and increase awareness of the different struggles associated with it.

    Further InsightKids Edition

  11. Unintentional Humor


    Unintentional Humor: Celebrating the Literal Mind is an awesome concept in which their goal is to unite individuals who experience Autism through humorous interpretations of the English language.

    Further InsightIdiom of the Week

  12. Morgan Autism Center


    Morgan Autism Center is instrumental in promoting autism awareness and research. The site’s posts all provide interesting perspective on some causes of autism.

    Further InsightAir Pollution and Other Environmental Concerns for Autism

  13. Asperclick


    Asperclick is a forum that allows for parents and those with Asperger’s Syndrome to have a place to come together, discuss things with each other, and provide support.

    Further InsightSymptoms & Diagnosis

  14. Aspiring Youth


    Aspiring Youth is a program founded in 2004 that helps provide social skill groups, summer programs, and additional services. While not explicitly aimed at those with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, the program is very useful to better develop social skills.

    Further InsightSocial Skills Group

  15. Aspie Strategy


    Aspie Strategy is run by Cary Terra, a psychotherapist in Seattle who specializes in working with adults who have autism. Her posts are informative and provide a great array of tools concerning Asperger’s Syndrome as well.

    Further InsightAdult Autism, Avoidance, and Depression

  16. My Aspergers Child


    My Asperger’s Child is a blog that highlights how parents can best cope with children who have Asperger’s Syndrome and best accommodate for the specific needs associate with it.

    Further InsightHow to Avoid “Back-To-School” Meltdowns and Tantrums

  17. Aspergers Illustrated


    Asperger’s Illustrated is a blog written by Steph Diorio, a 24 year old graduate student with Asperger’s Syndrome. The blog is effective on many levels and is a great source of inspiration for others trying to live healthy, productive lives with Aspergers.

    Further InsightAsperger’s Illustrated Celebrates 1000 Ausome Things

  18. On the Spectrum


    On the Spectrum details the life of Michael Bettine, a percussionist and writer who writes on the struggles that living with Asperger’s Syndrome forces him to overcome. The posts are informative and helpful for other Aspie’s looking for more information on things they may experience.

    Further InsightI’m Sensitive, You’re Not

  19. Asperger Adults of Greater Washington


    Asperger Adults of Greater Washington provides information that is largely applicable to wherever one may live, but the site’s great information section allows for insight specifically into the community of those with Asperger’s Syndrome in the Washington D.C. area.

    Further InsightAsperger’s Syndrome

  20. AlienBeing: Autism Solutions


    AlienBeing: Autism Solutions is designed for highly functioning adults with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. The site breaks down interesting information and even provides advice for relating to people, which can be very useful.

    Further InsightAge 0-18


    AutismAspergernet is run by Stephen Shore, a writer and author who looks chronicles living with Asperger’s Syndrome and the particular difficulties it imposes on day-to-day life.

    Further InsightInformation on Autism and Asperger Syndrome

  22. Autmont


    Autmont is dedicated to providing the best information on autism, upcoming events as well. The site breaks down all the need-to-know information on autism.

    Further InsightAutmont Library

  23. Facing Autism in New Brunswick


    Facing Autism in New Brunswick is a great site that chronicles one family’s journey raising their fantastic son Conor and the unique joys and hurdles that are many times associated with raising a child with autism. The posts look at different developments in Conor’s life and also commentary on autism as a whole.

    Further InsightSevere Autism Breakthrough: J. Cole Offers Sincere Apology and Acknowledges Existence of Severe Autism

  24. Whitterer on Autism


    Whitterer on Autism looks at different parts of autism and the interesting ways we’re forced to reevaluate how we approach different situations with working with children with autism.

    Further InsightRational Conclusions

  25. Autism Hangout


    Autism Hangout is dense with tools that cover many different aspects of autism, ranging from community outreach efforts to education, as well as useful resources for those working in autism.

    Further InsightFeature Programs

  26. Autism Network International


    Autism Network International is a self-help site for those with autism and they also work on advocacy. The site breaks down a variety of useful links and information on how to cope with autism and also how to become involved with the conference.

    Further InsightAutreat

  27. Autism Support Network


    The Autism Support Network is an incredible site that allows for many people, regardless of how Autism affects their lives, to gain valuable information pertaining to some of the most important issues concerning it.

    Further InsightSupport Community

  28. Autism Community Store


    Autism Community Store is useful for anyone who has a child with Autism and is looking for the best toys, books, teaching tools, and sensory objects. The large array of products makes it perfect for improving different motor skills as well.

    Further InsightTeaching and Therapy

  29. Asperger Mom and Wife


    Asperger Mom and Wife breaks down the unique circumstances surrounding being a mother and wife while managing the responsibilities associated with Asperger’s Syndrome as well.

    Further InsightHomeschooling Asperger’s Meltdowns

  30. Autism Brainstorm


    Autism Brainstorm is an interactive community that focuses on people coming together and discussing different obstacles they face concerning Autism and the particular struggles associated with it.

    Further InsightHuman Spectrum Magazine

  31. Autism Hub


    The Autism Hub is meant to be a gathering point for different blogs focused on autism and the different implications of raising or even knowing someone with autism.

    Further InsightNews/Updates

  32. We Are Like Your Child


    We Are Like Your Child provides great resources concerning Autism and different initiatives that promote inclusion and togetherness between those with autism and others.

    Further InsightChoosing Your Questions: Don’t Ask How I FEEL

  33. Life with Aspergers


    Life With Aspergers is written by a parent whose son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2006. The blog aims to better inform others on what it’s like to not only live with Aspergers, but to parent one who has it.

    Further InsightSeries Articles

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Professional organizations exist both to conduct research about the cause and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, and to provide services and a community for those diagnosed with ASD, and their families and people who care for them.

  1. Arizona State University Autism/Asperger’s Research Program


    Arizona State University Autism/Asperger’s Research Program works to find the causes of autism, preventing it, and the best ways to focus on overcoming it. The site looks at useful option for those wanting to enter the field and also provides interesting information pertaining to studies taking place.

    Further InsightAutism/Asperger’s Research Program

  2. Autism Society


    Autism Society is a fantastic site for understanding Autism from the inside-out. From stories of those with Asperger’s Syndrome to research with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we can work to understand and administer the best aid.

    Further InsightLiving With Autism

  3. Austism Science Foundation


    Autism Science Foundation powers large initiatives driving change in the field of autism. From research to aid, the foundation is leading the way to better understand autism.

    Further InsightAutism Research Strategic Plan

  4. International Society for Autism Research


    International Society for Autism Research is a coalition of different international groups working to find the root of Autism globally to more quickly find the root and assist those affected by Autism.

    Further InsightIMFAR Annual Meeting

  5. Cure Rett


    Cure Rett is a disease that typically affects girls from 6 to 24 months and contributes significantly to a loss in developmental skills. The disease is tied closely to autism and often is misdiagnosed as autism or a similar disease.

    Further InsightRett Syndrome

  6. Treating Autism


    Treating Autism is an organization that helps parents to have the best Autism-specific resources for treating and working with their children in the most effective manner possible.

    Further InsightWhy Biomedical

  7. Interactive Autism Network


    The Interactive Autism Network is a meeting place for people across the world who are affected by Autism and the various impositions it places on their lives. The site outlines hundreds of treatments and studies that have taken place or are currently under way.

    Further InsightTherapies and Treatments

  8. Pathfinders for Autism


    Pathfinders for Autism is a nonprofit that was founded in 2000 by various parents of children with Autism. Over the past 13 years, the organization has grown to be the largest and one of the most accredited institutions for Autism support and awareness in the state of Maryland.

    Further InsightResources and Help

  9. Organization for Autism Research


    The Organization for Autism Research (OAR) funds applied research studies and produces evidence-based resources for parents, educators, and other members of the autism community. The site’s vast amount of information includes a very useful Family and Friends section to help outline unique circumstances they will face.

    Further InsightFamily & Friends

  10. Autism Partnership


    Autism Partnership was established in 1994 and provides support services for families with autistic children and adolescents. The motive behind the program is to make sure children with autism have the resources available to succeed.

    Further InsightResources & Research


    AutismAidorg is a nonprofit that works to aid those with Autism and provide the best support and resources available. They help fight against autism-based discrimination as well.

    Further InsightPress Releases

  12. Autism Now Center


    autism NOW is an initiative of The National Autism Resource & Information Center. It provides great information that explores autism at home, work, in school, and the community.

    Further InsightWhat We Do

  13. Autism Program at Yale


    Autism Program at Yale focuses on the research initiatives at Yale University and how they’re working to find a significant breakthrough for autism. The site breaks down how they’re currently conducting research, along with different autism-related seminars and sessions around the country.

    Further InsightResearch

  14. Rett Syndrome Research Trust


    Rett Syndrome Research Trust is focused exclusively on accelerating treatments and cures for Rett Syndrome and related MECP2 disorders. Timely information on research is available via the website, blog and social media.

    Further InsightRett and MECP2 Disorders

  15. Rush NeuroBehavioral Center

    Rush NeuroBehavioral Center empowers children, teens, and young adults with social, emotional, and learning challenges to build on their strengths and thrive in life and relationships. We live our mission through exceptional service, clinical and educational innovation, and ground-breaking research.

    Further InsightSupport Their Mission

  16. Girl Power 2 Cure


    Girl Power 2 Cure focuses on Rett Syndrome and initiatives to help treat and cure the disease. The site provides useful tips for parents raising girls with the condition and also provides an ample list of sites that are also useful.

    Further InsightHow to Help

  17. ASERT PA Autism


    ASERT PA Autism compiles Autism resources into a convenient place that best services the communities around Pennsylvania in the most efficient manner possible. The site’s impressive information on Autism in that state and extensive resources is well noted.

    Further InsightIndividuals with Autism

  18. Celebrate Autism


    The Celebrate Autism Foundation provides both funding and information to help people with autism and their communities live engaged and fullfilling lives. The foundation offers many excellent ways for anyone to get involved, from volunteer opportunities to fundraisers.

    Further Insight Learn About Autism

  19. The Exercise Connection: Fitness for Autism Disorders

    Their mission is to educate and empower parents, educators and physicians to become leaders in health and fitness for individuals with autism and developmental disorders. Founded by David Geslak who is an autism fitness specialist and has been developing exercise programs for youth and adults with autism spectrum disorders since 2004. .

    Further Insight 5 components of fitness for children with Autism

  20. Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative


    The Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative funds innovative scientific research with the goal of understanding and improving the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. The Simons Foundation offers highly scientific information about the neural root causes of autism spectrum disorders.

    Further Insight Exploring Sleep In Children With Autism

  21. The Davis Autism Approach


    The Davis Autism Approach is a highly structured program that aims to help people with autism develop stronger concepts of self and relationships that help them overcome the difficulties in socialization and communication that often characterize autism spectrum disorders. The Davis Approach is highly personalized, and was developed by Ron Davis, who was diagnosed with autism before the term had even been coined.

    Further Insight What Is Autism/Asperger’s?

  22. Autism Research Group

    The mission of Autism Research Group is to use science to improve quality of life for people with autism spectrum disorders and the families who love them. ARG’s mission is to do research that matters to families and to share the results with the world, thereby helping more families to access effective treatment. A brighter tomorrow is possible for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and ARG is using science to make it happen.

    Further Insight Services Offered

  23. The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership


    The Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP) works with local and national organizations to educate people about Asperger Syndrome, and provide support and advocacy for adults and teens with autism spectrum diagnoses.

    Further Insight Blog List

  24. The Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders


    The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center provides a wealth of information for those looking to further their understanding issues pertinent to autism and the development and training of those who work in the field.

    Further InsightVanderbilt Autism Resource Line

  25. Holland Center for Children with Autism


    Holland Center for Children with Autism is a fantastic institution that has a unique stance to provide incredible resources to children affected by Autism. The center offers many consulting and assessment options.

    Further InsightPrograms

  26. Indiana Resource Center for Autism, Indiana University


    The Indiana Resource Center for Autism tailors their content to help individuals with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Aside from fantastic articles and great upcoming projects, their even workshops.

    Further InsightNew Publication Supports Early Diagnosis of Children on Autism Spectrum

  27. Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association


    Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association is an interesting site that details how members can best discuss issues between themselves. The useful sections on programs and articles is particularly useful.

    Further InsightPrograms

  28. Families of Adults Affected by Asperger’s Syndrome


    Families of Adults Affected by Asperger’s Syndrome explores what Asperger’s Syndrome is and explains the different ways it can impact a family or loved ones. The site’s wide-ranging features include a “Services” section that equips family members with any information necessary for helping manage one with Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Further InsightServices

  29. Help Autism Now Society


    Help Autism Now Society provides ample illustrations of different behavioral symptoms and allows for physicians to be best equipped to assess children with autism. The site has useful information for parents and an interactive resource for a community.

    Further InsightGoing to the Doctor

  30. Global Autism Collaboration


    Global Autism Collaboration presents Autism on an incredibly large scope, with a goal of prompting larger awareness to the problems Autism presents far outside of localized areas.

    Further InsightGlobal Collaboration

  31. UCSB Koegel Autism Center


    University of California, Santa Barbara Koegel Autism Center is an incredible institution that works extensively to promote in-depth, quality research into what triggers autism, along with treatment and other aspects. It’s a great source for prospective graduate students and those looking for more information on autism as well.

    Further InsightFirst S.T.E.P.

  32. AACTION Autism


    AACTION Autism is short for Autism Awareness Campaign Through International Organizations Networking and they advocate on behalf of those with autism and provide great information on the subject around the world. The site’s useful blog is updated regularly with insightful tips and great news.

    Further InsightBlog

  33. Autism Services, Inc.


    Autism Services, Inc. works with different individuals with autism and aims to provide the most comprehensive support and care. The site’s resources don’t stop there, they also provide tools for teachers and parents as well.

    Further InsightAutism Article

  34. Bridges for New Beginnings


    Bridges For New Beginnings is an international collaboration and focuses on providing individualized services to individuals with autism and their caregivers as well.

    Further InsightIMPACT

  35. SPECTRUM Autism Support Group


    SPECTRUM Autism Support Group helps families and those with autism with many different aspects of day-to-day life and they do so through social events, summer camps, programs, and even information in Spanish.

    Further InsightPrograms and Meetings

  36. Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support Center


    The Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support center and MAAP Services for Autism and Asperger Syndrome work together to provide the most comprehensive resources, namely high quality information pertaining to research.

    Further InsightBlogs

  37. Re-Focus, Inc.


    Re-Focus, Inc. Has been around since 1972 and is a non-profit organization that helps those with developmental disabilities and autism to best lead productive, rewarding lives they can be proud of. The site’s innovative material allows anyone to have a significant impact on their communities.

    Further InsightWhat We Do

  38. FEAT-Houston


    Families for Effective Autism Treatment discusses the best ways to implement treatment for individuals diagnosed with Autism and how our communities can best work with them. The site provides events, a newsletter, and interactive resources for parents, friends, and families.

    Further InsightResources

  39. Autism Speaks


    Autism Speaks shows all the different ways that Autism affects individuals, families, and their communities. The site’s dense amount of tools, guides, and research information is great for anyone looking to become further educated on Autism.

    Further InsightWays to Give

  40. National Autism Association


    The National Autism Association is the official organization for Autism awareness and also provides support, treatment, and safety information. The site is great for new ways to get involved and also to have a voice at the National Autism Conference.

    Further InsightYou’re Not Alone

  41. Research Autism


    Research Autism is based in the United Kingdom and is the only charity focused intently on interventions in Autism. Research Autism works to do independent research and also improve general quality of life for those individuals affected by Autism.

    Further InsightAutism

  42. Autism Empowerment


    Autism Empowerment is a public charity that aims to improve the lives of those with autism and their families. They provide free or low-cost services, consulting, events, programs, and more.

    Further InsightResource Library

  43. University of California, San Diego, Autism Intervention Research Program


    University of California, San Diego, Autism Intervention Research Program underlines how hard work is currently being done to understand Autism better and find the best methods of treatment.

    Further InsightCurrent Projects

  44. Center for Excellence in Autism Research at the University of Pittsburgh


    The Center For Excellence in Autism Research at the University of Pittsburgh is a wonderful site for looking at the current state of research and help better understand the diagnosis process from a researcher’s prospective.

    Further InsightParticipate

  45. Stanford Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Autism and Asperger Research Reports


    Stanford Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Autism and Asperger Research Reports provides straightforward information on the current state of autism and how individuals can go about attaining a more comprehensive understanding of the particularities of the condition.

    Further InsightValidation of the Phenomenon of Autistic Regression Using Home Videotapes

  46. Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership In Research and Education


    The Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education helps provide a meeting place for the academic community and Autistic community to come together on ideas and perform research projects that are incredibly important to adults with Autism.

    Further InsightProjects

  47. Autism Science Foundation


    The Autism Science Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing support for Autism through the funding of research initiatives. They use the site to fund some of the foremost research in the world on Autism.

    Further InsightWhat is Autism?

  48. American Autism Association


    The American Autism Association has a chief goal of increasing awareness of the difficulties those with Autism regularly face and the best ways communities, friends, and family members can go about assisting them. Numerous resources on the site are great for those who want to contribute to treatment and cure of Autism.

    Further InsightGet Involved

  49. Association for Science in Autism Treatment


    The Association for Science in Autism Treatment looks at the different ways current research is being implemented to improve treatment and find a cure for Autism. The site is frequently updated with the latest news and paints a realistic picture of what else to expect in the field.

    Further InsightTreatment

  50. Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation


    The Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation enables children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to receive the financial assistance their families and community organizations many times need in order to adequately function. The organization’s three goals outline their expressed intent to provide for as many children with autism as possible.

    Further InsightOur Programs

  51. The Asperger’s Syndrome Institute


    The scope of The Asperger’s Syndrome Institute is sharp enough to provide detailed information on such an important facet of Autism, but handles it with very important tact and care. The site has great sections on applied musicology and a great lending library also.

    Further InsightApplied Psychomusicology

  52. Autism National Committee


    The Autism National Committee promotes Autism research in a number of ways and regularly publish useful pieces on different facets of the world of Autism.

    Further InsightBookstore

  53. Autism Consortium


    The Autism Consortium is renowned for their research efforts and ways of contributing to the furthering of initiatives and research symposiums.

    Further InsightResources and Events

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Blogs & Communities

As general public knowledge about autism spectrum disorders has increased, and the number of diagnoses has also gone up, a huge community of bloggers has taken to the web to share their stories and insights. There are professional news organizations dedicated to sharing the latest updates about autism, as well as families and individuals who just want to share their own stories in the hopes that someone else will benefit from their experiences.

  1. Autism Today


    Autism Today has a goal of providing straightforward information to help families dealing with Autism. The site’s unique position, combining experts with a large library of resources, makes it one of the most recognized voices in Autism today.

    Further InsightArticle Library

  2. Autism Newswire


    Autism Newswire has a vast library of information that covers just about everything you would want to know on the subject. The site has wide ranging material that includes autism in the Philippines, Africa, Research News, and more.

    Further InsightAutism Services

  3. The Art of Autism


    The Art of Autism is a colorful site that helps reframe the way others see those with autism and emphasizes interesting developments in the field. The site also had a wide array of books, an artist gallery, information on hosting an event, and much more.

    Further InsightEntertainers

  4. MaxnMe Studio


    MaxnMe is a book series started by a ten year old boy named Max and his mother. Max is autistic and the books largely tell stories of friendship and Max’s life.

    Further InsightBooks

  5. Asperger’s Are Us


    Asperger’s Are Us is a troupe of comedians that have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, and have publicly confronted the difficulties of their condition with humor and performance. These guys are a great example of how to reduce the stigma of autism spectrum disorders, and they are great role models for young people with Asperger’s who aren’t sure how to cope in social situations.

    Further Insight Press

  6. Asperkids


    Asperkids helps promote ways to work with children with Asperger’s Syndrome and does so through consultation, public speaking, social media outreach, and more. Asperkids is a Temple Grandin Winner and Jennifer O’ Toole is an aspie herself, with the firsthand experience of raising three “asperkids,” which has given her plenty of insight to share.

    Further InsightBooks and Bylines

  7. Molecular Autism


    Molecular Autism is a peer-reviewed journal available online that focuses on the pathobiology, etiology, or treatment of Autism in a variety of contexts. Additionally, with site does so in a language that is designed to be understandable to those who do not work in a medical field.

    Further InsightContent

  8. Autism Classroom News


    Autism Classroom News helps those who work in classrooms with those who have autism and explains useful tips for working with students, organizing useful activities, and more. The site’s training resources are very useful as well.

    Further InsightTraining Resources

  9. The Spectraland Saga


    The Spectraland Saga is a planned book series with the first title, Secret of the Songshell already out. The protagonist of the book is a 16 year old with Asperger’s Syndrome and it chronicles many different aspects of growing up with the condition, as well as painting a fantastic universe around it.

    Further InsightRead

  10. Autism Spectrum Quarterly


    Autism Spectrum Quarterly is an in-depth magazine that looks at different issues within autism, along with the most cutting-edge information in research and theory.

    Further InsightAnxiety: Treating Fears and Phobias in Children with ASD

  11. AAPC Publishing


    AAPC Publishing looks at books surrounding issues on Autism Spectrum Disorders and all the practical solutions to helping those with issues concerning sensory, self-regulation, behavior, vocational skills, academics, and more.

    Further InsightMultimedia

  12. Autism360


    Autism360 provides real life tools for gauging a child’s individuality and creativity through an analytical process that best paints a child’s medical narrative.

    Further InsightHow it Works

  13. Autism Asperger’s Digest


    Autism Asperger’s Digest focuses on the obstacles those with Asperger’s Syndrome typically face and provide valuable insight on how to live successful, productive lives. The site’s in-depth blog is a great way to get more information in between the monthly publications.

    Further InsightBlog

  14. Zac Browser


    Zac Browser is a fun virtual playground of children with autism to sing, play and become immersed in a variety of activities and games that are as engaging as they are compelling.

    Further InsightOur Story

  15. Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism


    Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism provides all the resources to help properly gauge what is necessary for those with autism to live satisfying and complete lives. The site is dense with resources, complete with a great guide on different autism organizations.

    Further InsightResources

  16. Future Horizons


    The primary intent of Future Horizons is to meet the needs of teachers, therapists, and family members who seek more resources in order to best manage the unique obstacles Autism provides.

    Further InsightBook Review Laughing & Loving with Autism

  17. Autism Screening Tool Kit


    Autism Screening Tool Kit for Primary Care Providers is an incredible site that assists those in the medical field to make the most informed decisions about screening children for autism.

    Further InsightBring Everyone On Board

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